Sussex Katy Bourne pcc is lying to us the people of Sussex

Elderly Disabled Abuse Cover Up By Katy Bourne and Sussex Police

She must be held to account for her unlawful actions in public office

A long term victim of elderly disabled abuse David Neilson key witness in the murder of Katrina Taylor 1996 says that Katy Bourne pcc is covering up his case with the help of Sussex Chief Constables and others he also makes the claim that she is working with crime organizes Sussex to covered up the attempted murder of David in 2015 by members of the gang that murdered Katrina Taylor this led to him leaving home in fear of his personal safety.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† David is severely disabled with Fibromyalgia

She is lying to the people Sussex but also to his MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle saying the case has been investigated by Sussex Police and Adult Care Keith Hinkley

David said that he had emailed Katy Bourne about the abuse and other matters

Concerned friends and his Solicitor have emailed her with no response from Katy Bourne

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More must be done to protect the elderly from abuse, says police chief says Katy Bourne pcc


Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne is making elder abuse a priority of her second term

MORE needs to be done to protect the elderly and to punish those who harm them, the county's police and crime commissioner has said.

Katy Bourne said adult protection needed to be taken "as seriously as child protection" but there was a long way to go.

She echoed calls from a national charity for crimes against elderly - often fraud or physical abuse - to be categorised as aggravated offences.

That would mean they could attract tougher sentences, such as for racially motivated or hate crimes.

She said: "We do need new laws to protect some of the most vulnerable people in our communities - often to protect them from the very people charged with their care or from their own families.

"For too long, we have turned our face away from the unpalatable treatment of older people. By doing so we are also refusing to look our future selves in the mirror.Ē

Charity Action on Elder Abuse, which this week launched a campaign for elderly abuse to be an aggravated crime, said that nationally offenders are often treated too leniently.

Mrs Bourne said she did not have the figures to know whether that was the case in Sussex, but called for "tougher legislation".

She said she was working with Wealden Conservative MP Nusrat Ghani to open a discussion on the issue in parliament.

A commission the PCC set up to hear from elderly people in the county, she added, had been shocked at the reports of abuse that emerged far ahead of concerns about, for example, anti-social behaviour.

Sussex Police has highlighted recent cases of fraud against the elderly, including a 92-year-old man from Pulborough who was defrauded of nearly £68,000.

The force says fraud has on the whole replaced offences such as burglary against the elderly.

Detective Chief Inspector Tracy Edwards said the force was also working with the Victim Support charity to better help elderly victims.

She added: "Sussex Police works closely with partners, including from the voluntary sector, to support victims of elder abuse." A total pack of lies what is she to covering up.


Donít believe us then ask Katy Bourne pcc to produce copies of statements taken from David by Sussex Police and Adult Services

We need to hold Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne to account for malfeasance in office and what other cases is she covering up.



Our client claims that he has been the victim of long term elder and disabled abuse and intimidation at the hands of Mr Phillip Brotherton and Mr Mark Lee Waters.

Other persons whose identity is unknown have also been involved in the campaign of organised orchestrated elderly abuse and intimidation assault and criminal damage to his flat and property as a consequence of which our client is in fear of his personal safety.


Mr Neilson has advised me that he will not be returning to his home until such time as he has been assured by East Sussex Adult Social Services and Sussex Police of his personal safety (he is flagged as a person at risk) by Social Services and Sussex Police.


Our client on behalf of the Tenants Freehold Management Company does not recognise the sale and the transfer of the lease to Phillip Brotherton (Goughacre Ltd) which we understand was dealt with by David Stockman and Tony Newey of Howlett Clarke Solicitors, Brighton.